Piñata - Feb 2016
  • Director: Bill Northcott
  • Producer: Bill Northcott
  • State: SA

Things go awry at a kids birthday party.

Director Bio:

Bill Northcott began his career as an illustrator in a web design company. From there he broke into animation, his true passion, and worked on various advertising campaigns in Adelaide.

Later her would move to Sydney to work on the ABC’s ‘The Adventures of Figaro Pho’ and Auckland to work on Nickelodeons ‘Kung Fu Panda; Legends of Awesomeness’.

After collecting what he deemed enough studio experience (and missing his hometown) Bill made the move back to Adelaide, where he started his own animation studio, Candy Burger. Bill tries to split his time evenly between creative short film pursuits, and client based animation work.

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