SHINY - Feb 2016
  • Director: Daniel Cloud Campos & Spencer Susser
  • Producer: Daniel Cloud Campos & Spencer Susser
  • State: USA

Damsel in distress gets undressed when a man from the Midwest puts to rest a world that is obsessed with the “priceless”, also know as "The Shiny."

Director Bio:

Spencer Susser began making films at a very young age. 

In 2000, having the privilege of working alongside George Lucas, he directed “The Making of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”, the official behind-the-scenes documentary for the film.

Spencer has directed music videos for musical artists including Lana Del Rey, The Veronicas, The Offspring, and many more. 

Daniel Cloud Campos is a natural born director.

Shortly after he moved to Los Angeles he had a very successful dance and acting career in commercials, music videos and film. 

His ultimate goal is to inspire the world and leave behind a path for others to follow. To create a unique voice in telling stories through music, dance and above all imagination. 

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