Join us Feb 10, Parramatta Park

Tue 23.Aug.16

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Have you heard the exciting news? Our next Trop Jr festival will be held next February, Friday 10 in Parramatta Park’s The Crescent Live!

Trop Jr is an amazing platform for young filmmakers to showcase their incredible talent, and we can’t wait to celebrate short film in our incredible new home. 

Remember, all films must contain the Trop Jr Signature Item, and this year’s TSI  is ‘MASK’! 

The Trop Jr Signature Item must be included somewhere in your film. 

All films must be up to seven minutes and entries open October, 2016 and close December 15 2016.

So…if you know a young filmmaker 15 years or younger, or happen to be one yourself, it’s time to get creative and #tellyourstory 

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